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Open the filters modal, choose your desired filters and hit Apply button on the bottom of the modal. Easy! Let's do this with a practical example.

Our search criteria:

  • Min. 5 games played by each team (General tab)
  • Min. 1 avg. goal scored by each team (Goals tab)
  • Min. 70% Over 2.5 goals in the last games (Goals tab)
  • Odd for Over 2.5 goals min. 1.6

After you hit Apply you can see selected filters on top of the feed below Filters button. If you click on Live button or on another date button filter is applied as shown in video.

Don't forget that you can switch between stats based on last 5 games / last 10 games / all games or you can sort games by starting time or by country name by clicking on black cogs settings bottom on top of the feed.

Desired result for filter

For each filter, you can select a desired result. This will be shown on the alert text (if you decide to set an alert) and will help you to know what is the result that you are looking for for a filter.

You can add the desired result for the filter after you click Save filter / Update filter button in the filters modal.

Filter by leagues

If you want to run your filter only on selected leagues you can do that from Leagues tab.

After you click on the country name, you can select the leagues that you want to be used by clicking on the checkbox on the left, next to league name.

On top of the leagues page you have 2 buttons (check the image above):

  • Add my leagues - add only your favourite leagues to the filter. All other leagues will be cleared. Check How to manage favourite leagues
  • Clear all leagues - clear selected leagues

Reset filters

If you want to clear all data from filters modal click on the red Reset filters button on bottom of the modal. Click Apply or close modal for changes to take effect.

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