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Our alerts system works like a scanner. It scans all the live games and let you know if a new game meet your criteria. Alerts can be sent through our mobile app, please check Mobile App/Notifications guide.

An alert is created like a filter, you can combine any pre game stats, with live stats and live odds.

Before looking at an example please check Filters overview guide and Create filter guide.

A saved filter can be marked as an alert if it has at least one filter from live odds tab or live stats tab.

Alerts containing pre game stats and live odds/stats

Instead of creating a filter to search for games then create an alert for each game, you just create an alert once and receive alerts when a new game meets the criteria.


  • Min. 5 games played for each team - Pre game stats
  • Min. 70% of games ended with Over 1.5 goals - Pre game stats
  • Home team scores min. 1 goal / game - Pre game stats
  • Away team scores min. 1 goal / game - Pre game stats
  • Minute is max. 75 - Live stats
  • Total goals max. 1 - Live stats
  • Live odds for over 1.5 goals min. 1.6 - Live odds

We will look only for games that meet all pre game stats and you will receive an alert only if one of those games meet live odds/live stats filter.

After you input all data for the filter give the filter a name and save it. After the filter is saved, enable alerts for the filter by clicking on the switch next to filter name in My Filters / Alerts tab in Filters modal.

After alert is created and enabled you will start to receive alerts if new fixture meets your criteria.

Check video below to see how to create and enable an alert:

Alerts containing only live odds/stats

You have to do same steps as above, but select on live odds filter and/or live stats filter.


  • Minute is max. 75
  • Min. 6 shots on target in the game
  • Max. 1 goal in the game
  • Odds for over 1.5 goals min. 1.6

We will look for all live games that meet the above filters. You will receive an alert every time a new game meets the criteria.

Check the video below to see this example:

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