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Next tab on the game page is H2H tab. In this tab you can see some calculated stats based on previous meetings, last h2h games, local team last 10 home games and visitor team last 10 away games.

By default we show stats based on local team home games, you can change that through the buttons on the top.

Available stats: wins(local team), draws, wins(visitor team), over 0.5 - over 4.5 game goals, BTTS, clean sheet home, clean sheet away.

Extra stats (data not available for all games): games(total number of games that stats are based on), over 7.5 - over 10.5 game corners,  over 1.5 - over 4.5 game yellow cards.

Stats in green boxes represents stats with a percent grater or equal than 75% and stats in red boxes represents stats with a percent lower or equal than 25%.


You can check last h2h results and last home games for local team / last away games for visitor team. 

For each game(if data is available) you can check goals, corners and cards.

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