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Backtesting tool helps you to test your filters with games from past seasons. With a few clicks, you see how your filters would have performed in the past.

Go to Backtesting page (More -> Backtesting section on bottom nav bar in mobile app).

Select filter

On the first page visit, the filters modal will be opened. Click on the desired filter that you want to backtest or create a new filter.

New filter

You can create and test your filter on the backtesting page before using the filter to search for games.

  • Click on the Select filter button at top of the page.
  • After your filter is created, hit the blue Apply button at bottom of the modal. 
  • Follow instructions from the Desired result & Number of games section below.
  • If you want to edit your filter, click again on the Select filter button, make changes, and hit Apply again.
  • Once your filter is ready and you are happy with the results, click on the yellow Save filter button on the bottom right of the modal. 
  • Use your saved filter to search for games on the main page of the app.

Desired result & Number of games

After you selected your filter, you have to select a desired result, basically what you want to bet for this filter.

For example if you choose Over 2.5 game goals as a desired result, the tool will mark as won only games with at least 3 goals.

Second, like in the main page of the app you will have to select number of games that stats are based on.

For example if your filter is looking for at least 80% for over 2.5 game goals, you need to select if at least 80% in last 5 games of each team or in last 10 games of each team.

You can also use live stats to backtest a strategy. We are searching data minute by minute and in the results we will use odds from the first time when criteria were met in the game.

*Backtesting is using stats from home games for local team and stats from away games for visitor team.

After you select all this, the stats are calculated.


The tool will show you stats calculated for each league. If your filter is used only on selected leagues, only those leagues will be used for backtesting.

Calculated stats:

  • Number of games won
  • Avg. odds
  • Yield (If you bet 10 units @ 1.50 avg.odds your yield will be 50%)

Results are sorted by yield, top values first.

If a line is full green that means that all seasons for that league had a positive yield, otherwise only the league name will be green.

Next to league name you will notice a blue graph icon, if you click on it a modal will open with results splitted by season.

After results are calculated, a third dropdown is shown on the right. You can switch between All leagues which shows you results for all leagues and Green leagues which shows you results only for leagues with a positive yield.

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