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Last Update 3 tahun yang lalu

You can use same account as in the web app. All the feeds/alerts/games/leagues/notifications are synced on your account



Bottom navbar of the app includes the most important pages of the app:

Fixtures: page with all the fixtures available, the main page of the app

Live: page with all live games

My games: page with all your games marked like favourites

Quick stats: page with selected games based on our filters grouped on different bet types

More: right sidepar menu with more pages

More -> Leagues: page where you can manage all your favourite leagues

More -> Feeds page with all your feeds. You can create a new feed, update or delete an existing feed in this page.

More -> Alerts tracking: tracking for all of your sent global/individual alerts. More details here.

More -> Backtesting: backtesting for your filters. More details here.

On the top left of the screen you have a burger menu that provides you access to:

Account: page where you can view your account details

Subscription: page where you can manage your subscription

Notifications: page where you can manage which notifications you want to receive for your favourite games or for alerts

Contact: page from where you can send us a message.

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